In order to be listed on ShareDesk, your venue must fulfill the basic requirements. There are also some restrictions to the type of venue that can be listed. If your venue falls under one of these restrictions, it will not be published:

  • No residential spaces. Please keep in mind that private apartments or residential units that have been repurposed as offices should not be listed on ShareDesk. The venue should be used solely for commercial purposes.
  • No unfurnished spaces. Spaces should be set up and ready for the client to show up and start working. If the client needs to provide their own desk or chair, please do not list it on ShareDesk.
  • No startups/agencies/companies with additional desks to rent in their office. Your primary business should be in renting out desks/meeting rooms. If your company has additional desks available within your company's office, you don't fit our requirements.

If you are unsure whether your venue is suitable, consider whether it fits into either of the following descriptions:

  • Business Center
  • Full-service coworking Space

Note: ShareDesk is not accepting any shared office spaces. The sole business of the venue must be in providing temporary desk and meeting room spaces. Therefore you must have a website you can point to that has a dedicated purpose of renting desks within your venue in order to be approved.

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